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Goodbyn Lunchboxes

Goodbyn LunchboxI don’t spend much time reading blogs anymore. Several years ago I would have been considered, by myself and probably some others, a dedicated blogger. I read, I wrote, I wrote some more. I weaved in and out of blogging cliques and help created some. I had blogging buddies, some that became much more and others where the friendship only ran blog-deep. Since the decline of my blogging interest, some of those friendships continue and others have come to an end. But I’m forever grateful for that period of my life. The lifestyles and wisdom I’ve encountered because of blogs, many of my parenting choices were greatly influenced by the words posted by others. And in some twist of fate that’s too hard to explain to just anyone, I met my love because of blogging.

(now that the irrelevent backstory is out of the way…)

These days I read a blog mostly for product research or to gather specific information. There’s very little entertainment in it for me anymore. But recently I became hooked on the blog of the designer behind Bleubird Vintage. Her family, adorable. Her style, incredible. Her inspiration, endless. So I was very excited to follow her on Instagram (@bleubird) and pleasently surprised see her daily photos of the lunches she packs for her kids in their Goodbyn Lunchboxes, now available at Urban Baby Runway.

I was excited to get Goodbyn in the store and more excited to try them out for myself. It became too easy to fall in to the turkey sandwhich and juice box routine for Julian. I felt clever every now and then when I’d throw in sushi or not just chips but chips and salsa. But generally speaking, it was a neverending turkey run. It wasn’t until month 9 of the same old lunch he finally snapped “It’s always the same sandwhich!” I shouldn’t have been surprised, I don’t like left overs, for crying out loud, why would I think he’d enjoy the same lunch for an entire school year? I’m only partly to blame here as I think it became easier for him to just blurt out “turkey!” when asked what he wanted for lunch.

But now with all of the challenging little compartments of Goodbyn and the inspirational lunch photos of Bleubird, I’m so ready to take on a completely creative approach to school lunches. No more asking what he wants for lunch. Nope. Lunch time will now be a time full of surprises and full bellies.

So if you’re on the fence with Goodbyn, give it a try. Maybe a little Goodbyn community will get started for everyone to post fun and inspirational lunches. And suddenly lunch time will be changing everywhere.

Goodbyn Lunchbox $24.95/$15.95 | Buy Here

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