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Dear customers, a shift is coming to the store front.

shift At the end of the year, we will be closing the brick & mortar portion of our business. We will be going back to our roots and once again be strictly an online retailer of baby goods.

Before I dive in to my inevitable long-winded diatribe of an overly emotional explanation, let me be clear. Urban Baby {Runway} is NOT going out of business. It will NOT be put on the back burner. It will continue to be my livelihood and continue to grow.

Except now I’ll once again have a little more and much needed balance.

And *now* we dive in to the inevitable long-winded diatribe of an overly emotional explanation:

If there is one thing I always do, it is to constantly assess who, where, and how I am. I analyze at great lengths, and most importantly, I make changes as best I can where I see needed. And what I concluded is this Mama needs some balance!

As some of you know, I’m a single mom. I run this business completely on my own, aside from minor part-time coverage at the shop, and some very generous help from family and friends. It’s allllll me from the buying to the shipping to the marketing and networking to the website maintenance to the store maintenance to the merchandising to the customer service in person and online and the list goes on. What works in the store is different than what works online, down to the inventory I have to carry. Having a store front became like maintaining two stores and two households…and quite honestly, it’s hard for me to manage both and have enough of me left over to be the mom I once was. And to be blunt - there are many times where I feel like I’m half-assing it all. I am not okay with that and I feel perfectly comfortable saying I simply cannot do it all. If I have another option, I’m going to take it.

I’ll most definitely be sad, I’ll miss the face to face interaction and the familiar faces. I will miss being a part of such a great community of residents and other inspiring business owners in the best shopping district of Baltimore. But at this point in time, it is something that I have to do and I hope those connections we made in person will continue to carry on. It will still be the same person behind the business, and we will have something to offer just for our local customers to help show our appreciation for the support that kept, and would continue to keep, our doors open. Stop in the store for details. And hopefully you’ll still see Urban Baby pop up locally from time to time at different festivals and other local opportunities we get.

While it may possibly be viewed as a step back, or a step in the wrong direction by some, I want to make sure that if nothing else, it’s viewed as a step that I truly feel I need in order to be a better self, mother, and business owner. And how can that ever be a step back?


Cara {& Julian} of Urban Baby Runway

Pfft, do I ever *not* have a plan? So, yeah, there will be more changes and evolution, and this shift will help me put these changes in to effect. We really do hope everyone continues to stay along for the ride and remains as supportive as always!


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